You may use “Mail Merge” in MS word to send the list of similar email to list of recipients individually.


Preparation: Please prepare an excel file that contains the list email addresses you need to send.



  1. In Word 2013, on the“Mailings” tab, in the “Start Mail Merge” group, click “Start Mail Merge”, select “E-Mail Messages”.
  2. On the“Mailings” tab, in the “Start Mail Merge” group, click “Select Recipients”.
  3. Select the sheet from the source file. Please include email address in the excel file. 25e
  4. You can modify the recipients list by clicking the Edit Recipients List button.
  5. Click “Insert Merge” Field on the space where you want to place the Merge Field. 27e
  6. After completing the letter, click “Send Email Messages” under “Finish & Merge”. 28e
  7. Select the Email address filed on your excel file.
  8. Click “OK” to send the email.