Changing Article Font Size

At the left top corner of the article, you can manipulate the viewing font size of the article clicking:



  1. The smallest “A”: shrinking the font size by around 2 px;
  2. The middle “A”: reset the default font size;
  3. The largest “A”: enlarging the font size by around 2 px;

Finding Suitable Article using Tags

Each article provides several tags, which are keywords related to their contents. Tags can easily help you read related articles in the same area. The tags are located at the end of each article, as shown below:



Tag Cloud is located at the right hand side of the article, and it is indicated how many tags can help you. The larger of the tag is, more articles are tagged.  Tag “email migration” and tag “staff email” is larger than the others, and you can know that these two tags have more articles than the others.



By clicking each tag, a list of articles that are tagged will be shown. For example, clicking “email migration”, you will see the following article list.



Printing the Article


By clicking the “Print” button, you can easily get the print friendly version of article without the banner, sidebar and unnecessary content.


Searching for your Answers

We have prepared a lot of frequently ask questions and answers regarding to our services, if you don’t know where to start, please use the live keyword search.

For example, if one wants to read the related topics of “check email”, just type “check email” in the Search box as below, the best matching articles will be shown. Simply click the result and it will navigate to that article.