• Starting from academic year 2022/23, UM@Connect is default email services for new students and you do not need to apply for using.
  • By completed the application of UM@Connect, student are also entitled to download and install Office 365 ProPlus. The right will be expired after you leave or graduate from the University. Student who want to apply Office 365 ProPlus only instead of apply UM@Connect, please contact ICTO Helpdesk for further arrangement.

  1. Login to ICTO Account Information Page
  2. Select [UM@Connect] on left had side menu and click [More] for applicationapply_account_en_01
  3. After reading the user agreement, you need to agree it by checking [I agree to the above user agreement], input your [UMPASS password] for confirmation and click [Register].
  4. Please be patient to wait about 4 hours to synchronize the account data to UM@Connect.
  5. The status will become [Registered] when the synchronization is complete as the following screenshot.apply_account_en_03
  6. After 4 hours, the setup would be completed. All emails sent to and will be delivered to your UM@Connect account.