ICTO provides SSID “UM_WLAN_PORTAL” for captive portal service which can be access by internal user or guest. “UM_WLAN_PORTAL” is used for our staff to connect to the Wireless network service more easily and quickly, It is suitable for all portable devices which are weak compatible (such as mobile phone or PDA etc), use for short period of time.

After you select the UM_WLAN_PORTAL SSID with the Wireless LAN utility and connect successful, open a web browser with a URL, you will be prompted with the following login page:


Note for the Captive Portal Service:

  • DO NOT transmit any private or confidential data using this network since captive portal connection will not encrypt any data except that you have created a third party secure connection, such as VPN, SSL connections.
  • Only HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, FTP access are allowed
  • The network bandwidth is limited.

If your devices cannot support other authentication methods, the captive portal is the best way to connect to UM Wireless network service for Internet access.

Account Application (For Staff Use)