Approver will receive email notification when the requests required departmental approval before it is submitted to ICTO. Open the email and find “Launch Approval Central” button at the bottom of the email, click to go to the Approval Central.

Please login ICTO – IT Service Management System with your UMPASS account and password (For Staff Use).

Select the request in the Pending Approvals table, a short summary of the request will be displayed in the Request Details. To view detail information of the request, click the “Request ID” number.

The Request Details will be prompted and you will find the details information in the “Additional Details” tab. Click “Close” to return to the Approval Central.

Check the checkbox to select the request you would like to make approval. Click “Approve Selected” / “Reject Selected” or clicking the tick  / cross  at the right hand side.

Click “My Approval History”, the table lists all the requests approved or rejected by you.