To access ICTO – IT Service Management System, go to and login with your UMPASS account and password (For Staff Use).


When you log into IT Service Management System, you will be taken to the “Service Request Console” page. This page provides an easy-to-use user interface to view and submit requests, track request and manage them.

LogoutClick this icon to log out.
Approval CentralIf you are approver, you will see this icon. Click this icon to open Approval Central to approve/reject request submitted by others.
My RequestsAll of your submitted requests will display on the right panel of the page. To view requests by status type, select one of the following options from the Show drop-down list.
FavoritesThis button displays a list of requests that you marked as your favorites on the Categories page.
Popular RequestThis section display the service requests that are popularly submitted. From this list, you can select a request with a single click.
Search barThis section allows you to search the requests.