ESET maintains a list of virus information which includes what does it harm and its source and how does it infect other machines. The list is quite large, and it is listed in alphabetic order. You may look for these information for a particular virus in your own interest.
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Signature Version Information

ESET provides a real time virus signature update service. The ESET anti-virus program will be informed by the latest virus signature database server when there is a new signature regarding to the new virus threats found. A list of newly found threats is posted at their official web-site. The newest signature version number would be displayed when your mouse pointing to the ESET system tray icon at the system tools bar.

For example, the following diagram indicates the current newest signature number in you machine: “Virus signature database: xxxx”. The signature version is “15896” at the time of writing this web page. You may also find this number in the ESET official site under signature version section. (P.S. If the version is too old, it would be removed from their official web-site.)

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Other Information