By default, each user is allocated a Home directory (/icto/user/$USER) and a Data directory (/data/home/$USER) for data storage, as well as a temporary directory (/scratch) for temporary storage during job running. Faculty and individual PI have the option to purchase additional disk storage to expand their working space.

Storage NameDirectoryQuotaSystem BackupClean-up
Data for FHS/home/$USERBy RequestNoNo

The Home directory (/icto/user/$USER) for storing your program code, important files, and result data that require enhanced protection.

The Data directory (/data/home/$USER) can be accessed through your home directory’s “data-home” folder (/icto/user/$USER/data-home). However, please keep in mind that there is no data backup for this data directory. Therefore, it’s advisable not to store any important data in this directory without a backup copy.

The three scratch directories (/scratch, /scratch2, and /scratch3) can use as temporary directories for your programs. These directories are equipped with Solid State Drives (SSD), ensuring fast access times and superior data transfer rates for your running programs. . However, please note that there is no backup for these scratch directories, and files that haven’t been accessed in the past 7 days will be automatically cleaned up by the system.