The Service Set Identifier (SSID) just like the entry address of Wireless LAN system, at least each client user should choose one SSID for connecting to the Wireless LAN network with some parameters and settings which suitable for chosen SSID.

Due to different purposes, there are 4 SSID provided by UM Wireless network service:


SSID Comparison Table

SSIDSecure LevelEAP TypeEncryption TypeAuthentication Method / ToolsSupported OSUser Type
UM_SECURED_WLANHighWPA2AESOS build-inMost modern operating systemsStudent /
UM_WLAN_PORTALLowN/AN/AWeb interfaceAll OS with Web browserStudent /
UM_PUBLIC_WIFI LowN/AN/AN/AAll OS with Web browser Open to public
eduroamHighWPA2AESOS build-inMost modern operating systemsGuest only