Step-by-step tutorial
  1. Enter the course and then click “Turn editing on” on the top right menu.
  2. In the course outline, choose a Week/Topic and click “Add an activity or resource”.
  3. Select “Zoom meeting” on the left menu, and click the button “Add”.
  4. Fill in the General information about the Zoom meeting including “When” and “Duration.” (The duration is depended on your Zoom account. “Basic” account can host a 40 minutes meeting.)
  5. After you complete all required information, click the button “Save and return to course” or Save and display to add your Zoom meeting to the course.
  • There are a number of optional settings for your Zoom meeting including under Grade and Activity Completion.
  • Teachers need to log in to UMMoodle and have the Zoom app on their device. After scheduling a Zoom meeting, teachers can start a meeting by clicking on the Zoom meeting link. The Zoom app will open automatically
  • Students will need a Zoom app but should not log in to the app.