Follow the steps below to share your files and folders to your colleagues. If you want to share files with students or other people, please refer to the external share function of UMDrive.

  1. Select files or folders to be shared, click “Share”
  2. Select “Share with users”, enter shared user ID and select it at “Add Visitor”.
  3. Click “Permissions” drop-down menu, set up access privileges. Meanwhile, you can click “Custom Settings” at the bottom of drop-down menu and do the customized configuration.
  4. Set “Expires”, sharing will become invalid after expiration. By default, the sharing is set to  permanent.
  5. After finishing sharing settings and click OK, the file is shared. Shared users will also receive a sharing message reminder.
  6. You may also copy the “Path” and send it by email or other methods to the user which you have shared to. If she/he has installed the client program, the file/folder will be opened automatically when she/he click the link.

To revoke internal share, you can simply click the “X” button at the right of the shared user and then click OK.