1. Open the browser (,  download the UMDrive client program which suitable for your computer.
  2. After download complete, double click the exe file to install. Please click “Yes” on the pop-up of asking to uninstall old version 6.0
  3. Select all to clear the cache of files of old version Anyshare client
  4. Just click “OK” if there is a warning of some AnyShare 6.0 files left
  5. Click the “Install” button and start to install.
  6. Wait until the setup complete
  7. If there are Windows Security Alert of asking to allow traffic on Windows Defender Firewall, please click “Allow access”
  8. In the pop-up network settings window, input the following information:
    • Address:
    • Port: 443

  9. Click Login with UMPASS to login.
  10. Login by using your UMPASS account and password in the pop-up window. If you have already applied for Two-Factor Authentication, you need the second verification when login with non-UM network.
  11. After the setup, continue the next step, you will see the UMDrive interface.