External share can be used to access files on UMDrive by non UM staff, while internal share is only for sharing between UM staff. You can share a file or a folder with students or other people by sending an external link. By default, external share is disabled. If you want to use this function, please send request with endorsement to

You can share files to external users by following steps:

  1. Select file or folder, click “Share” .
  2. Click “Share with anyone”.
  3. At “Permissions” check Preview, Download or Upload for limiting operations to file or folder from outside users.
  4. Set expiration date in “Expires”. After expiration, the link will become invalid, visitor will not be able to access shared files. By default the duration is one month, you can set it by your own needs.
  5. Click “Random” button to generate “Pickup Code”. This acts as a password for user to download the file.
  6. (Optional) Set “Max Opens”, when reaching the upper limit of opening times, shared files cannot be accessed anymore.
  7. Click “Generate” button.
  8. Click “Copy” button to copy external share link.
  9. Send external link and password to external users. External users can access the shared file or folder by the link and password.

To revoke external share, you can simply click the “Trash” button.