Much of the world’s TVs and video have gone to 16:9 widescreen and HD formats and PowerPoint also has.  In additional to the 16:9 layout, more new themes are designed for you to take advantage of widescreen.  In earlier versions of PowerPoint, slides were 4:3.  The default slide size in PowerPoint 2013 is 16:9.  However, you can resize your slides to 4:3 and even to a custom size.

Change the slide size from widescreen (16:9) to standard (4:3)

  1. Click the Design tab, and then click Slide Size.
  2. Click Standard (4:3).  If PowerPoint is unable to automatically scale your content, it will prompt you with two options below:
    • Maximize: Select this option to increase the size of your slide content when you are scaling to a larger slide size.  Choosing this option could result in your content not fitting on the slide.
    • Ensure Fit: Select this option to decrease the size of your content when scaling to a smaller slide size.  It may make your content smaller, but it enables you to see all content on your slide.

Change the slide size from standard (4:3) to widescreen (16:9)

  1. Click the Design tab, and then click Slide Size.
  2. Click Widescreen (16:9).

Resize your slides to custom dimensions

On the Design tab, click Slide Size, and then click Custom Slide Size.