1. Open the browser (,  download the UMDrive client program which suitable for your computer.
  2. After download complete, double click the program and start to install.
  3. Setup languages, there are three languages available: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  4. Setup the program installation path, you can choose where the UMDrive program to be installed.
  5. Setup some other initiating options.
  6. After finishing the settings, click install.
  7. Before logging into UMDrive, you need to setup and test the server settings, click the [GEAR] button on the upper right corner.
  8. In the pop-up network settings window, input the following information:
    • Server URL:
    • App port: 9999
    • Data port: 9124

  9. Click [Test] button, after finishing, click [OK] to log in.
  10. Login by using your UMPASS account and password in the pop-up window. If you have already applied for Two-Factor Authentication, you need the second verification when login with non-UM network.
    Remark 1: Due to browser version compatibility of some computers, if you cannot use Tab or Enter on the keyboard, please use mouse to assist login.
    Remark 2: The login page may not be able to refresh since the security setting of your computer. We recommend you to login UMDrive web portal (URL: by using the browser IE11 first. And select “remember settings” and accept if there are any security warnings. After success login in the browser, try it again in the UMDrive desktop client.
  11. For the first time login, you need to choose a valid empty folder as UMDrive cache directory for depositing files that are already cached in the UMDrive. Then you can access all the cached files even when you are offline.
  12. After the setup, continue the next step, you will see the UMDrive interface.