In order to use the installed software, it is necessary to configure the relating environment variables for compilers and libraries so that searching paths are correct, corresponding libraries can be linked up, license servers can be connected, etc.

To make it easier for you to select and switch between different software packages, ‘Environment Modules’ ( has been installed. It helps you to solve the conflicts while switching between software packages. It allows users to load the necessary configurations for different programs and versions easily, and unload them later if necessary.

In order to manipulate the modules, you can issue the following commands after you login.

CommandsBrief Explanation
module availshow available modules.
module whatisshow all available modules with its description.
module listshow which modules are currently loaded.
module load pkgload the module named pkg.
module load pkg/versionload a specific version of the module named pkg
module unload pkgremove the module named pkg.
module help pkg/versionshow a detailed description for a specific version of module named pkg.
module show pkgshow what environment variables of module named pkg actually are set or modified.