The Job Composer allows you to create and manage batch job submissions through a web interface.

To create jobs through Open OnDemand dashboard (, navigate to  Jobs  >  Job Composer  from the dashboard.

Creating a Job from Specified Path:

When creating a job from a specified path, please ensure that your scripts are present in a directory, regardless of their location.

Select  New Job  >   From Specified Path .

Enter the source path to your directory and give a name for the job  TestJob  , specify the submission script as  and select the cluster  Coral  . After setting all the job options, click on the  Save  button.

You will see a new job created on the Jobs page. Now, select the  Submit  button to launch the job.

Creating a Job from Selected Job:

To create a new job based on an existing one, select  New Job  >  From Selected Job .

This will create a new job copy on the Jobs page.