The Job Composer allows you to create and manage batch job submissions through a web interface.

To create jobs through Open OnDemand dashboard (, navigate to  Jobs  >  Job Composer  from the dashboard.

Creating a Job from a Template:

On the Job Composer page, you can create a job from different templates. Simply navigate to  New Job  >  From Template  to proceed.

A list of available job templates will be displayed, choose the desired template and click the  Create New Job  button.

A new job will be created based on the selected template and you will then be redirected to the Jobs page automatically. In the Job Details section, you can find additional information such as the  Script Location  and  Folder Contents .

If needed, you can modify the job options, including the Job Name and Job Script, by clicking on the  Job Options  button.

To modify the Job Submission Script, click on the  Open Editor  button.

By clicking on the  Open Editor  button, a text editor will open in a new tab where you can make modifications to the Job Submission Script. It is important to update the job name and email address accordingly. For more information about available parameters, please visit HERE. After making the necessary changes, remember to click the  Save  button.

After returning to the previous tab, you will notice that the Job Submission Script has been successfully updated.

Click the  Submit  button to submit your job. When the job is successfully submitted, the job Status will be changed from Not Submitted to Queued/Running. Once the job execution is finished, the job Status will change to Completed.

To stop a running job or delete a selected job, you can make use of the  Stop  or  Delete  buttons.

In the Job Details section, you can find the  output file  <job-name>.<job-id>.out) and  error file  (<job-name>.<job-id>.err) under the Folder Contents. Simply click on the respective file to view the output or error of the job.

Here is an example of an output file: