Web-based SSH

In the Open OnDemand dashboard (, you can access the Web-Based SSH by selecting  Clusters  and then choosing  login0 SSH  or  login2 SSH  from the menu, or simply clicking on the icon on the dashboard.

A terminal will launch through the web-browser.

Web-based GUI

To access the GUI desktop, please select  Clusters  and then choosing  login1 GUI  from the menu, or simply click on the icon on the dashboard.

Enter your Username and Password on the login screen, then click OK.

Select  Create a new virtual desktop , then click Continue.

You will see a series of tutorials. Please read and click OK:

Once you’ve completed all the steps, you should see the Virtual Desktop screen:

To open a terminal window for a command-line interface, click on the  Activities  (located at the top left) and click the  Terminal .