When a message was deleted, it has been moved to the folder of [Deleted Items]. You can either let messages stay there until you remove them, or set Automatically Empty function for deleted Items when you sign out each time. The default setting of removing the emails in [Deleted Items] is 30 days. However, the emails removed from [Deleted Items] are still recoverable within 14 days after removed.

Recover an item which is in Deleted Items folder

  1. Login to UM@Connect at
  2. In your email folder list, select [Deleted Items]restore_delete_en_01
  3. To restore an email, right-click the email and then click [Move] > [Inbox] or other specified folder locations.restore_delete_en_02
  4. To restore a calendar item, right-click the calendar item, and then click [Move to Calendar].
  5. To restore a contact, right-click the contact, and then click [Move to Contacts].
  6. To restore a task, right-click the task, and then click [Move to Tasks].

Recover an item which is not in Deleted Items folder

  1. Login to UM@Connect at
  2. In your email folder list, right-click [Deleted Items],and then choose [Recover deleted items]
  3. Select the item you want, right-click and then select [Recover]

    The item will be moved to its default location. Messages go to your Inbox, calendar items go to your Calendar, contacts go to your Contacts folder, and tasks go to your Tasks folder. You also can purge items that are shown in the [Recover deleted items]. Select the item, right-click and then choose [Purge]. If an item has been purged, it cannot be recovered anymore.


For more information, please refer to Recover deleted items or email in Outlook Web App provided by Microsoft Support.