ICTO encourages faculty members to contribute to the HPCC environment by purchasing servers, which provide the following benefits:

  1. Professional Management: When you purchase computing equipment, it’s essential to consider factors like space and good server environment. Additionally, you need to handle maintenance tasks such as system patching and hardware replacement in case of failures. By contributing your hardware to our existing HPCC, ICTO can provide support with system administration, performance tuning, and overall maintenance.
  2. Increased Scalability: If you purchase a 4-node standalone cluster, your programs will be limited to running on those 4 nodes only. However, when you participate in the HPCC, even with a contribution of just 4 nodes, you can take advantage of the larger cluster size to run significantly larger jobs.
  3. Software Availability: The software installed on the HPCC is accessible to all new computing servers that join the cluster. This eliminates the need to purchase additional licenses or perform separate installations, making it easier for users to access and utilize the HPCC software resources.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Purchasing servers individually can be costly, especially considering the additional expenses for maintenance and software licenses. By participating in the HPCC, you can benefit from shared resources, reducing the overall costs.

If you are considering contributing resources to enhance the capacity and performance of the HPCC, we encourage you to contact us for further technical specifications regarding servers and/or storage before proceeding with the purchase.

It’s important to note that all system configurations and running queues will ultimately be determined by ICTO to ensure optimal utilization of the HPCC. Therefore, having separate computing resources for a small group of users is not recommended.