1. Login to Facility Access Card Application
  2. Select [Apply Card(s)] on middle card
  3. Fill the application form

    • Justification – The justification of applying cards
      • You can choose an option to instead manual input by focus on the text box
    • Holder Name – The name for person who hold the card
    • Loan Period – The expiry date of application and also the card
      • You can choose a date on calendar by clicking the calendar-icon
    • Quantity – The number of cards you want to loan
      • You can add or reduce the quantity by clicking plus-icon and minus-icon
    • Required E6 Computer Room Access – Request of access right for computer rooms
      • You can request the access right by ticking checkbox, then

        • Choose the expiry date for computer room access
        • Select the requesting computer room number (multiple choice)
  4. Click “Submit” to submit the application form