The following content is required to be accessed in campus network or with SSL VPN connection.

Access Mplus Master

1. To access Mplus Master, run the Mplus Master shortcut on lecturer desktop computer
2. Select “GUEST” , then click “OK” to start Mplus console


Mplus Master Console


Mplus Modules and Functions

 Classroom Control ModuleIcon
  • Send message

(Send message to target computer)

  • File Transfer

(Transfer file to target computer)

  • Remote launch

(Open URL or document on target computer)

  • Disable Internet browser

(Disable web browser on target computer)

 Computer Control Module
  • Power on computer

(Power on the target computer)

  • Shutdown computer

(Shutdown the target computer)

  • Restart computer

(Restart the target computer)

 Screen Control Module
  • Screen broadcast

(Broadcast the lecturer screen to target computer)

  • Capture Student screen

(Capture the target computer screen)

  • Blank screen

(Blank the target computer screen)


Apply Mplus Function on target computer

  1. Select one or more computer with mouse cursor
  2. Click the function to apply on selected target