After a graphic file (e.g. jpg, gif) is uploaded on a webpage, the HTML code <IMG src=”graphic file”> will be generated automatically. Staff should modify the HTML code by inputting a text description of the graphic file using the ALT attribute function <IMG src=”graphic file” alt=”the text description of the graphic file”>. Please see the following example:

  1. Upload the graphic file <flower.jpg> on a webpage.
    a red rose
  2. The HTML code <IMG src=”flower.jpg”> will be generated automatically.
  3. Add the ALT attribute function <alt=”a red rose”> after <IMG src=”flower.jpg”> in the HTML code, i.e. <IMG src=”flower.jpg” alt=”a red rose”>.
  4. The text-to-speech computer software will give an audio output for the graphic file according to the alternative text description, i.e. “a red rose”.