You may encounter some network issues, such as slow response time, failed to download or upload files when you are accessing UMMoodle from mainland China. The network connection and speed from mainland China to Internet are varied largely, depending on the city and province you are.

If you cannot view or download course materials from UMMoodle in mainland China, please check your Internet connection and see if there is anythings that can be improved at your local network. You could try to:

  • Test your Internet speed (e.g.,
  • Test downloading files from other UM’s websites
  • Check whether the WiFi signal is strong
  • Use cable network (LAN)
  • Use 4G network
  • Change another location with better Internet connection

If the Internet connection problem cannot be fixed, you could contact your instructor or classmates to share the course materials via email, WeChat or cloud storage (the services that can be used in mainland China).

By the way, UMMoodle is a website for Internet so you DO NOT need to use SSL VPN to access.