With UM’s domain name change from to, you may need to update some information in order to display the new URL of UM website and your new email address.

Since the original domain name and the University’s email address will be kept and remain effective for a period of time, you may first update the email addresses and websites appearing on online materials or update your email settings.  When it is necessary to reprint or update printed materials, you can then update the information there.

If you have used UM email address as communication purpose to subscribe or register other services, you do not need to hurry to update.  You may change the email address when you update the subscription or personal information in your accounts.

Below are a few examples:

  • Update Email Signature
  • Update Email Rules and Out of Office notice in Outlook
  • Update web content that contain your information (websites, forms, surveys etc.)
  • Reprint or update printed materials (name cards, brochures, envelopes, documents etc.)
  • Browser’s bookmarks and links
  • Update the email address used for subscriptions or registration of other accounts and services



If original UM email address is used as a login ID for UM applications or services (e.g. Eduroam), the login ID ( remains unchanged at this stage.  ICTO will announce when there is any changes related to UM applications or services.

If original UM email address is used as a login ID ( for other non-UM applications or services, you can continue to use this as login ID.