Videos on Stream can only be viewed and uploaded by UM accounts who have applied for UM@Connect/O365Pro Plus

For staff, to apply O365Pro Plus, please visit to register.

For students, to apply UM@Connect, please visit here.

Step-by-step tutorial


  1. Login to Office 365.
  2. Select All Apps -> then select Stream.
  3. Click “Create” then click “Upload video” to upload video.
  4. Input the Name, Description, and set the sharing option of the video.
  5. Click “Publish Now” to publish the video.
  6. Then, click “Share” to get the embed code.
  7. Click “Embed” tab, set the size of the embed video, then click “Copy” to copy the embed code. Lastly click “Close“.
  8. Go to your moodle course and add a label activity.
  9. In “Label text“, switch to HTML code mode and paste the copied code.
  10. Lastly, click “Save and return to course” button. The video will then appear in your moodle course.