Instead of fully types in the recipients email address, you can pick it from your address book in Student Webmail.

  1. When you are composing email, you can click “To:” in the message composition dialog to open you address book.
    Address Book
  2. Your address book will be prompted in a separated window as shown below. The box at the left hand side contains the contacts in your address book and the box at the right hand side contains the recipients (To, Cc or Bcc).Address Book Full
  3. Find and select the contacts in the box at the left hand side. You can also use CTRL and SHIFT keys for multiple selections.
  4. Press the button “To >>”, “Cc >>” or “Bcc >>” to add the selected contacts into the box at the right hand side.
  5. Press the button “OK” to confirm you selection. You can repeat the above steps to add more recipients. You can also click the “Remove” button to delete the selected recipient addresses.