You can import your existing address book into Student Webmail from:

  1. the Legacy Webmail, please visit here.
  2. your own email account, i.e. Gmail or Yahoo Mail or others

The following steps show how to import the email contacts from a CSV file.

  1. Click the “Import/Export” icon  on the menu bar;
    import export
  2. CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a common format to import/export contacts. In Student Webmail, we recommend to transfer the contacts in this format. Such file can also be manually edited by Excel or other spreadsheet programs.
    import csv
  3. Select the file to import and click the button “Next”.
  4. The first two rows of the CSV file would be shown to confirm. Please keep the default settings. and click the button “Next” again. import csv step2
  5. Select the matching pairs. By default, Student Webmail will try to match for you. If you cannot find any item in “Available fields”, you can click “Next” to import the contact. If there are some items in “Available fields”, you can match them with the remaining fields and press the button “Add Pair”. Then this pair will be shown in the “Matching Fields” list box below.
    import csv step3