1. Right click the “Network interface icon” in Windows notification area, and choose the “Open Network and Sharing Center” icon.

Wireless LAN Configuration Guide (Windows 7)_001

2. Click “Manage wireless networks”.

3. Press the “Add” button to add a new profile for Wireless Network connection.

Wireless LAN Configuration Guide (Windows 7)_002

4. Choose “Manually create a network profile” to create a profile for UM Net-Wireless.

Wireless LAN Configuration Guide (Windows 7)_003

5. Input “UM_SECURED_WLAN” on Network name.

6. Select “WPA2-Enterprise” on Security type.

7. Select “AES” on Encryption type.

8. Check “Start this connection automatically” and then click “Next”.

9. Choose “Change connection settings” for advanced configuration.

10. On “Security” Tab, select “Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)” on Choose a network authentication method, and then click “Settings”.

11. Deselect “Validate server certificate”.

12. Deselect “Enable Fast Reconnect”.

13. Click “Configure…”.

14. Deselect “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)”.

15. Return to “Security” tab, click “Advanced settings”.

16. Check “Specify authentication mode:”.

17. Select “User authentication”.

18. Click “Save credentials” to enter your UMPASS User ID and password into this form and then press “OK” to connect UM Wireless.

Wireless LAN Configuration Guide (Windows 7)_010

If you are student, your UMPASS User ID contains only the first seven characters of your student ID, e.g.“ba12345”.