1. Click on “Settings” from Android system.
  2. Select “Wi-Fi” on “Wireless and network“.
  3. Select “UM_SECURED_WLAN” in the list of SSID.
  4. If necessary, please input your credential storage password.
  5. Select “EAP method” as “PEAP”.
  6. Select “Phase 2 Authentication” as “MSCHAPv2”.
  7. Set the “CA certificate” and “User certificate” as “Unspecified“.
  8. For “Identity” column, please input your UMPASS user ID.
  9. Left blank for the “Anonymous identity” column.
  10. Input your UMPASS password for connection.

    The password is case sensitive and the user name is in lowercase.
    If you are student, your user name contains only the first seven characters of your student ID, e.g. “ba12345”.

  11. Click “Connect” and connect to wireless.