In each of the Linux Workstation, we have installed the default Latex Linux distribution package, teTex. Latex is a type-setting language to procedure professional document with advanced mathematics symbols, equation, figures, tables and cross-reference supports in academic paper writing. Currently, Linux Workstation supports Latex engine in English. If you can be familiar with Latex, it will be very useful in future for producing your research results.Briefly speaking, you can produce a Latex PDF document in each of the Linux Workstation. If you don’t have a Latex file, naming *.tex, you may use the following content as a very simple example .tex document.

% vi hello.tex
Hello World!

You may save it as any name as you like, let’s say hello.tex
And then open a command terminal and locates to this file, type the command.

# pdflatex hello.tex

A PDF file with the same name will then be generated also. You can locate to this file type the following command to view it

# evince hello.pdf

You should be able to view the PDF file with the word hello world. In case you have to make a more complicated Latex document, you may visit the following useful HowTos.

  • Latex by Example: Including how to make, title page, sections, smart quotes, footnotes, math, marco, lists, tables, cross reference, converting Excel table to Latex table, OpenOffice table to Latex table, figures and hyper-reference;
  • PDF Latex by Example: More advanced topics like: how to write an article, a book, converting to powerpoint, etc